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Supporting Family Promise

Thank you for considering partnering with our ministry for Mat-Su homeless families, parents and their children (including their pets)! While guests are staying with us, they are loved on, lodged, and fed by churches and their congregation volunteers. Although these are donated services, our guests' transportation, case management, and our Day Center Operations expenses total about $120,000 per year. Our shelter support is coming completely from donations from the Community, including Foundations, businesses and individuals. Funding development is a continuous job in itself. Family Promise is the most cost-effective and successful shelter program, so it is easy to ask! 

Your plugging in as a volunteer is a blessing to us and our guests.  Your financial partnership is a blessing from the Lord! 

About $364 supports a family of four in our shelter for a week!  Thank you for considering partnering with us. 

Checks can be mailed to:

Family Promise Mat-Su
PO Box 870587
Wasilla, AK. 99687

or please make a secure donation here:

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