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Please fill out this form if you wish to participate in Cardboard City 2014! To make your pledges, please click donate down below this application. Thank you!

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Cardboard City 2014 was great!
 Watch for this fun event
coming again next summer July 17th!


Cardboard City 2014 was an enormous success!
We'd like to thank everyone who participated. We made over $6,000 for the valley homeless in one evening alone with donations still coming in! We'd also like to thank the 4H group for imparting their plant knowledge to us and Julia Cannon as well for singing her splendid tunes for us! Don't forget to participate next year!

Here is the drill for attending...

 Cardboard City What You Need To Do List: To Put it Frankly Get yourself into the office or online and register! If you don’t, no soup for you!

Gather pledges! Auntie Em, Ma, Pa, and your pet llama would love to donate to the cause in your name.

 Dig out the duct tape, paint, and cardboard And begin your masterpiece of a dwelling. Be crafty, there will be a most creative box contest at the event! Invite your friends over for a cup of tea in your temporary home sweet home.

Spread the word about Cardboard City! There will be soup, bread, guitars and lovely voices, heart-wrenching stories, t-shirts, new and old friends, and an experience to fondly recall and take to heart.  

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